2 damped heavy duty furniture hinges for extra heavy and extra thick doors up to 30mm! With adjustable damper incl. Mounting plates. pot tape, furniture tape with pot size 40mm by LAMP® / Japan

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2 cushioned heavy-duty pot hinges (furniture hinges) for extra thick doors up to 30 mm

With adjustable damper, incl. Mounting plates. Pot belt (furniture tape) with pot size 40 mm


  • For extra heavy and extra thick doors
  • Clip technology: tool-free mounting of the door on the carcass
  • Opening angle: 100
  • Pot size: diameter ø 40 mm
  • Drilling depth: 15 mm
  • Door thickness: 18-30 mm
  • The mounting plates have four fixing points – for extra heavy doors
  • Successfully passes the 100,000 x open and close test

The hinge system for extra thick doors has 4 adjustment options:

  • Support adjustment (side adjustment): -4 mm
  • Depth adjustment: +1.7 mm/-2.8 mm
  • Height adjustment: ±2.5 mm
  • Adjustable damping integrated into the hinge arm: tool-free, 5 levels

Included in delivery:

  • 2 hinges
  • 2 mounting plates (base plates)

These beautiful design hinges are perfect for kitchen furniture, home furniture, office furniture and cabinets of any kind with thick doors.

Made by LAMP® / SUGATSUNE, Japan, high brand quality

Here: Download catalog (incl. drawings) in PDF format!

Special features of the Olympia furniture hinge for extra-thick doors:

The Olympia hinge is the pinnacle of soft-close mechanisms. The innovative rotary damper is not only extremely compact, resulting in a slim overall concept, it is also adjustable in 5 stages. This unique feature allows doors of different sizes to close at the same speed.

The compact size of the damper allowed the 3D fitting screws to be placed on the top, keeping the mounting plate as small as possible.

Another innovation is the mounting plate attachment. Unlike conventional pot hinges that must be installed from front to back, Olympia can be installed by simply pushing from the top. This not only saves time during installation, but also nerves when three or more hinges have to be installed. Each hinge can be easily engaged in turn.

To underline the quality and stability, Sugatsune has successfully tested the Olympia hinge for extra thick doors in a 100,000-cycle test.

Manufacturer: Sugatsune / LAMP® (Japan)

SUGATSUNE, The manufacturer of the brand LAMP®


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Surface mounted, support 22-26mm, Semi-flying, support 12-16mm, Inset, 93°