The personal data of visitors to our website are collected, used and stored by us exclusively in accordance with the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act of the Federal Republic of Germany.

How, for what purpose and to what extent the data is collected and used is explained below.

We register every access to our website as well as every download of a file deposited on our website.

This data is collected for technical reasons, as well as for statistical purposes.

The following are stored: name of the retrieved file, exact time of retrieval, amount of data that has been transferred, information about successful transmission, web browser, device type and requesting domain.

In addition, the IP addresses of the requesting computers are saved in abbreviated form.

Other personal data will only be saved if the user of the website or customer voluntarily provides information. For example, in the case of a request or registration or when concluding the contract or via the local settings of your browser.

Our website uses so-called “cookies”.

A cookie is a file in text form, which is sent when a website is called up and buffered on the end device of the user of the website or customer. A. the website usage analysis.

If the corresponding server of the website was again called by the user of the website or customer, sends the browser of the user of the website or the customer the previously received cookie back to the server.

The server can then evaluate the information obtained thereby in various ways.

Cookies can be used for example to control advertisements or to easier navigate on a website.

If the user of the website or customer wants to prevent the use of cookies, he can do so by adjusting his local settings of the Internet browser used on his device, however, it may be that in this case may not all the features of this website in full can be used.

Our website uses web analytics service Piwik.

For the purpose of website usability analysis, usage information is transmitted to our server and logged for usage analysis purposes and will not be disclosed to third parties.

This serves to optimize our website.

The IP address of the user of the website or the customer is immediately anonymized during this process.

If the user of our website does not agree with the storage and evaluation of this data, then it is always possible to object to the storage and use of this link: contradict As a result, a so-called “contradiction cookie” is stored in your browser, which causes Piwik does not collect session data (if all cookies are deleted, then the “contradiction cookie” is deleted and must be re-activated if necessary).

If the user of our website has provided personal data, these are used by us exclusively to answer requests from the user of the website or the customer and for the technical control and handling with the user of the website or the customer of contracts.

Personal data will only be passed on to third parties or otherwise transmitted if this is necessary for the purpose of contract execution or for billing purposes or if user has previously consented to the website or customer.

The user of the website or customer has the right to revoke a granted consent with future effect at any time.

The deletion of the stored personal data occurs when the user of the website or customer revokes their consent to storage, if their knowledge is no longer necessary to fulfill the purpose of the storage or if their storage is not permitted for other legal reasons.

Data serving billing and accounting purposes remains unaffected.

Upon written request, we inform the user of the website or customer about the data stored about his person. The request should be addressed to our address given in the imprint of the website.