2 pieces high quality stainless steel heavy duty folding table supports EB-317. A pair of folding brackets up to 200kg load capacity. Flap supports from ROCA / Sugatsune

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2 pieces high quality heavy duty stainless steel folding brackets with load capacity up to 200 kg


High quality stainless steel folding brackets EB-317 with load capacity up to 200 kg. Application in a kitchen


These high quality solid stainless steel folding table supports are best suited for humid and harsh environments and can be used in a variety of ways.

The folding consoles can be used in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Also, they can be perfectly used for the interior of motor homes, caravans, boats, yachts and trains.

The flap supports are designed for hard use environments, but thanks to their classic industrial look they are also perfect for modern interiors.

High quality stainless steel folding brackets EB-317 with load capacity up to 200 kg. Application in a living room


These EB-317 folding table holders are also very suitable for use in Tiny House or Micro Apartment to flexibly arrange space as needed.

A special feature of these flap brackets is that the flap support and flap hinge are combined in one fitting.

When the flap is folded, it is locked in place by pressing on the surface if necessary. Thus, the folding table in the caravan or boat remains in the closed position even while driving, does not wobble and does not produce noise.

When the folding table holder is opened, it automatically locks in the upper position and can be loaded.

High quality stainless steel folding brackets EB-317 with load capacity up to 200 kg. Application, open and closed state


To fold the folding table back together, both levers on the left and right must be operated simultaneously. This ensures that the flap support is not accidentally folded.

The release lever of the folding angles is extra long to facilitate gripping.

The folding brackets are made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel and are available uncoated and black coated, depending on your choice.

The surfaces are elaborately finished, so the fittings look very high quality.


Mounting is done with appropriate screws.

The maximum load can be achieved by distributing the load so that the center of gravity is in the middle (
s. Fig.

If the center of gravity of the flap is at the edge of the folding table holder, the load capacity is 100 kg.

High quality stainless steel folding brackets EB-317. The load capacity depends on the position of the center of gravity


Attention: the screws and the wall must be suitable to bear the required load.

The rear wall of the folding brackets is rounded so that they can be mounted not only on straight surfaces but also on tubes (Ø25 mm).

If the flap is narrow, the flap table holders can alternatively be mounted in reverse.

In this case, the longer side is mounted on the wall and the shorter side is used for the folding table or shelf.

This has no negative effect on the load (
s. Fig.

High quality stainless steel folding brackets EB-317. Reverse mounting for narrow flaps



  • Load capacity in the center: 1080 N (110 kp) for 1 folding angle
  • Torque: 290 Nm
  • Weight: 750 g
  • Longer release lever

Included in delivery:

  • Two stainless steel folding table supports


  • Made of high quality stainless steel SUS304 (AISI304, V2A)


  • Stainless steel electric polished
  • Stainless steel black coated (Heat Black Oxidation, HBO)


  • Length: 317 mm
  • Height: 171 mm
  • Width: 36 mm
  • Radius back wall: Ø25 mm

For dimensions see technical drawing (mm):

Technical drawing: High quality stainless steel folding brackets EB-317 with load capacity up to 200 kg


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Manufacturer’s reference number:

Stainless steel polished: 120-039-845, old: 120-041-278


EB-317, old: EB-317/EP
Stainless steel black coated: 120-048-897


EB-317-BL, old: EB-317/EP-BK


Manufacturer: ROCA Industry (Sweden)

Distributors: SUGATSUNE / LAMP® (Japan)

SUGATSUNE, The manufacturer of the brand LAMP®


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Stainless steel, black coated, Stainless steel, polished

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